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    June TALISMAMA Crystal Creator Box

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    TALISMAMA Crystal Creator Subscription Box - May

    This subscription box can be purchased HERE.

    Here comes the SUN!

    The longest day of the year is upon us - on June 21st. So this box is comprised with elements to inspire your celebration of this High Holiday! What does the longest day of the year represent to you? How does life change in the summer? Does your relationship to mundane activities change?...

    May TALISMAMA Crystal Creator Box

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    TALISMAMA Crystal Creator Subscription Box - May 

    What an ENORMOUS energy from April 30's Pink Moon to the High-Holiday of Beltane on May 1!!! As we're still reeling from the intensity of April's Full Moon in Scorpio we now step into the celebratory time of mid-spring. Mid-Spring or Beltane (which is exactly opposite from Samhain and both very important holidays for most pagans) can be viewed as...

    By Make a difference on 2018-01-08

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    Calling all Sha Mamas and Creatrix's...

    Monthly Crystal Creator Subscription Boxes are HERE!

    Monthly essentials for manifesting and staying in-tune with your power!

    Introductory Prices - HUGE Value!!!

    Choose a tier that works for YOU
    (Basic $33.3) • (Premium $77.7) • (Deluxe $111.1)

    All boxes include:
    • 1 Law of Attraction Year Calendar/Planner
    • Monthly Crystal Grid
    • 1 Master Crystal for Crystal Grid
    • 10 Mini...

    A year from the push into the ABYSS...

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    Happy to say that I'm alive to tell my story since last year's push (by way of lay-off from cushy work-from-home corporate job) into the ABYSS and towards financial freedom.

    Just one year later and my goals to have money come in easily while doing what I love continues to manifest!

    Last year at this time I created a chart so I could visually experience my year's triumphs as the year turned round. I...

    Labor as Shamanic Initiation

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    Birth Journey Course segment from Miré about the sacred Initiation of Birth.

    From Sha Mama Rising's Birth Journey Course:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    From Sha Mama Rising's Birth Journey Course:

    One reason you may not have thought of that makes your daughter's First Moon Initiation so important...

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    First Moon: Energetic Field separation from Mother & introduction to her HERstory

    Women are designed to go through several transformations in their lifetimes that radically change their experience of life and how others experience them. 

    The first major transformation is when the Maiden enters the realm of the Mother and begins her first blood and her courtship with the moon. 

    A very integral...

    Why Empowered Birth?

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    It's no accident that in the U.S. many women don't even know that they can birth without drugs or medical intervention and that the experience can be empowering, a bonding experience with their baby and a spiritual awakening or shaman-like initiation. Once certain opportunistic men in power caught wind of the potential money to be made off of womens' bodies - birth and breastfeeding were gobbled...

    First Blood Moon Initiations...

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    One fun way to honor your daughter (or a friend's daughter) during her first MAJOR initiation and transformation on her woman journey is to have a First Blood or First Moon Party!

    This can be done any number of ways and it's best to discuss it with the girl-of-honor to see what she is comfortable with and what sounds fun for her.

    There's a million ways to celebrate this transition and initiation but...

    TalisMama Launch

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    So very excited to announce the launch of my new energetic stone and breastmilk ritual jewelry webstore. This project has been a long time in the making but really found its life after I was laid off from my well-paid, work-at-home, corporate job. My commitment to my family and empowering women is behind this project and is infused into every magickal amulet we make. 

    We've started the shop with 4...

    Natural Programs and Communications

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    Discussion 1 on being comfortable with our "nature." What natural programs are and how they're triggered by other natural communications. 

    Journey with me into the abyss - an exploration of trust and feminine flow

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    This idea has been brewing inside of me for many months... The knock at my door for several moon cycles now asking me to step BOLDLY into the unknown, to go against the out-of-balanced male-model thinking I've been programmed to follow and to instead follow my heart - over my fears and INTO THE NEW PARADIGM ECONOMIC MODEL.

    I wouldn't listen. 

    ...And so the Universe was like, "fine then - you...

    Liberating Motherhood - Launching September!

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    Chantal and I are thrilled to introduce Vanessa Olorenshaw's new book Liberating Motherhood - The birth of the Purple Stockings Movement. We believe in the power of manifestation and are certain that we called this awesome book into being! We've been ranting, praying, and doing rain dances for this very book to be written and published for many, many years. Even waaayyyy before I started joining...


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    At birth:
    There is an intense body-to- body connection between mother and baby, and when left undisturbed, skin-to-skin, mother and baby respond to each other, soul to soul, as their instinct unfolds: the transfer of information from nerve endings in skin traveling deep into the central nervous system. Raw, naked, wet sensuality, communication between bodies, pulsing vehicles of exchange. Like...


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    The lineage of supporting women is deep within my DNA. As I child I grew up alongside natural childbirth as my "earth mama" mother (Chantal Molnar - producer of The Milky Way) caught babies for a living. I became a certified doula as a teenager and by my 20's I was assisting my friends' labors and photographing their babies being born. During the birth of my own daughter, I was blown away by the...

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