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Lush Talisman of Power


The Lush Talisman of Power is Intuitively Designed Bespoke Jewelry & Intention Coaching.
Here's what this multi-week coaching package and bespoke jewelry masterpiece creation can be for you: 

  • 360 minutes of one-on-one deep meditation and spiritual/Intention coaching to deep-dive into a fear or anxiety around an upcoming initiation, intense transformation or personal ordeal.
  • Coaching includes a spiritual journey to discover your Talisman; what it's made out of and how it will serve your specific needs. 
  • Coaching includes guided meditations to support your specific needs and reinforce the power of the Talisman.
  • I intuitively design your Lush Talisman of Power from the insights of our one-on-one meditations.
  • Your guides and higher power lead my design and stone choices.
  • I work with master craftsman Frank Molnar (my father) to fulfill my vision and create your ONE-OF-A-KIND jewelry from high-end energy stones and/or crystals, gems and precious metals.
  • You can wear this highly charged energetic stone and crystal power piece during your initiation or ordeal and reap the benefits of its personalized magick and energy. 
  • Handmade by myself and my father on a solar farm in Orange County, CA.
  • An extraordinary heirloom to pass down to your children or loved ones. 

The process takes roughly 3-6 months which gives us time to reinforce the power of the talisman in our meditations and take great care in the manufacturing of your bespoke energetic one-of-a-kind Talisman. 





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