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TalisMama Jewelry is a father/daughter design and craft duo based out of Orange County, CA. Frank and Miré Molnar share a love for beautiful stones and enjoy working together to create energetic jewelry that features Mother Nature. Frank is a master craftsman and lapidarist who's jewelry designs were ahead of their time. As Frank's daughter, Miré grew up around his stone jewelry shop admiring his phenomenal works of art. Frank always showed Miré how to make jewelry and recently she became obsessed with working with the healing powers of the stones and creating intuitively designed power-pieces for ritual and initiations. They started collaborating and Miré eventually made her own birth necklace which she wore during her labor with her daughter Aerowynn.
TalisMama Jewelry is a family business. After the birth of baby Aerowynn Miré's commitment to working with her family and enjoying a life of abundance grew - so she brainstormed ways to pull her family's talents together. Her dad Frank, is a master craftsman and lapidary jeweler. Her mother Chantal, is a midwife, nurse (and more recently) film producer and a long-time advocate for women and social change. Miré's partner Courtney, is a baddass at SEO and business and his mom, Denise is an accountant! The initiation into motherhood brought Miré in-line with her true calling and she has since dedicated herself to helping and supporting other women through their unique birth journeys. She and her mom teach childbirth education classes and she coaches mamas one-on-one.
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TalisMama Jewelry materialized to support Mamas and Creatrix's through their initiations into Motherhood and spiritual awakening through the act of ritual adornment. Self love is the most important first step toward enlightenment and personal power and jewelry can symbolize this love of ourselves in a very tactile way. Miré made an energetic birth necklace for her birth and was awestruck by the power of the process. Looking around she realized that there was finally a market for her dad's far-out, original designs and she saw a path towards a company that fused motherhood, spirituality and mineral jewelry into a unique one-of-a-kind jewelry line.
The Molnar's are a unique little tribe. They are dreamers and creators and their goals tend to be lofty and esoteric - some might even say unrealistic... but that doesn't stop em. They're also quite stubborn.
Miré reflects, "I grew up watching my two earth-lovin parents build their dream fortress on top of the Orange Hills. Little by little they created the back-to-the-land mini ranch that they had obsessed on during their youth. Now their home is fully solar powered, they make their own biodiesel for fuel, they grow their own grapes for wine, they cure olives, have a garden and raise a range of animals as pets. Watching them build this on a nurse's and teacher's budget was a lesson in patience and faith. Now it is glorious!"
Recently it was all-hands-on-deck when Chantal decided she needed to make a film about breastfeeding in America. She believed women needed better information than what was currently being talked about in the cultural conversation. Without any previous filmmaking experience she and her best friend took on a huge undertaking and then successfully accomplished an extraordinary full length film (The Milky Way) that has shifted conversation around breastfeeding.


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To this Miré says, "so why shouldn't we align our gifts together and work side-by-side making stunning energetic stone and keepsake jewelry talismans for other dreamers, priestesses, mothers and creatrix's of all types? We only have one life to live and we aim to live it fully in the company of family!"
And So It Is, So It Is, So It Is. 

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