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Who are we?

TalisMama Jewelry is a father/daughter design and craft duo based out of Orange County, CA. Our studio is solar powered and our stone-transport is fueled by homemade Bio Diesel. Frank and Miré Molnar share a love for beautiful stones and enjoy working together to design energetic jewelry that feature nature's designs. Together we co-create the collections that make up the TalisMama lines. 

Frank is a master craftsman, art professor and lapidarist. Known in the craft world for making jewelry -always far ahead of his time.  He taught 3D design and other art courses at Santa Ana College for 30 years. He is a renaissance man who embodies the DIY movement. His art extends into his social protest against fossil fuel by making his own gas. He grows his own grape vines and makes his own wine. He cures olives, fishes and hunts, ferments and grows gardens. He builds everything from houses and boats, to machining his own fictures. He has enjoyed making stone and fine metal jewelry for over 30 years. He is married to Miré's mother Chantal Molnar who is a midwife, nurse,  women's health advocate and the producer of The Milky Way movie. 

Miré is a Graphic Designer by tradeInspired by her father's deep love for nature and her mother's deep love for ritual & the Sacred Mother, nature-based ritual and spirituality has been an obvious path (one that she's been on for 25+ years). Miré has been involved with social and environmental justice activism her whole life. She has a history inside the indie music scene and has played in many bands ... even has a song featured in a Disney film. Miré is naturally a producer and has put together numerous events, parties, fundraisers, websites and small films. Her intuitive abilities come out while working with the minerals - she loves choosing intentions for the Talismans as they call to her and thinking of the keepsake jewelry as spellwork. She has a loving partner and a daughter and they live communally with two other musicians in Santa Ana.

Why you sell the items you sell?

Our mission is to empower folks through ritualized adornment. Wearing crystal Talismans and Keepsakes as intentional tools is a form of Magick that is fun, beautiful and useful. Our jewelry showcases the miraculous design and awe of nature. Our pieces are hand made, hand polished and completely crafted from start-to-finish with care and intention. This business is a passion project that manifested from the pure love of doing it... The love of seeing people wear the jewelry and receive the benefits of the Talismans, and the pure love of working with the stones - together. 

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