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Keepsake Legacy Jewelry

Life is a path filled with many initiations and the opportunity to grow from many challenging or mysterious experiences. Your initiation into Motherhood leads you from your pregnancy journey, to your birth journey, into your nursing and parenting journey or even to a journey of letting go and grief. 

These fine jewelry pieces can be ornaments of celebration (to wear long after your babies have weaned), a magick talisman to help you through a challenging breastfeeding or birth experience, or they can be an energetic grieving tool for mamas experiencing the loss of a baby or a touchstone for anyone who's grieving a loved one.

Wherever your path takes you these keepsake and legacy talismans can hold precious your baby's unique breastmilk, placenta, hair or a loved one's ashes. 

For my witches... these can be filled with magick potion mixes like dried flowers, strands of clothing, glitter, herbs etc. - that cast out a spell or intention. 



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