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First Blood Moon Initiations...

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One fun way to honor your daughter (or a friend's daughter) during her first MAJOR initiation and transformation on her woman journey is to have a First Blood or First Moon Party!

This can be done any number of ways and it's best to discuss it with the girl-of-honor to see what she is comfortable with and what sounds fun for her.

There's a million ways to celebrate this transition and initiation but here's what we did for a friend's daughter to give you some inspiration...

We had a very fancy dinner party with all of the girl-of-honor's mom's close friends. The table was dressed in all pink and reds and we ate a multi-coursed meal (all of her favorite dishes).

Special attention was made at every step. We brought out the fine China and the silver cutlery. We bought nice champagne and she was allowed to have a glass with us at dinner. 
Each place setting had a Tarot card to read and a special question relating to womanhood for each woman to answer and give insight and wisdom to the girl-of-honor.

The mood was lush and mystical. Like she was joining a secret society. We had candles and large photos behind us of a woman giving birth.

We talked freely about womanhood and treated her like another adult woman at the table.

It was also playful and fun. We pretended to be Charlie's Angels for our photo-op and allowed one boy into our secret group who crossed-dressed and played music for us during our "cocktail" hour (where we invited her younger friends from the community over for mocktails).

Our maiden had a great time. She started her moon shortly thereafter - so this was a great way to get her excited (rather than fearful) around her first blood. She knew she could call on any of us after this event and we had broken the ice about some of the nerve wracking parts of our bodies and the path of woman journey transformations and initiations. 


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