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Why Empowered Birth?

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It's no accident that in the U.S. many women don't even know that they can birth without drugs or medical intervention and that the experience can be empowering, a bonding experience with their baby and a spiritual awakening or shaman-like initiation.  Once certain opportunistic men in power caught wind of the potential money to be made off of womens' bodies - birth and breastfeeding were gobbled up by the patriarchal and "professional" organizations of medicine and capitalism.

Due to this history now many women in the U.S. aren't even asking themselves why they might want to consider having an empowered birth. But for those of us who asking here are three reasons I've put together that answer why have an empowered birth:

1. Have an empowered birth because birth is YOURS and if you own the experience you can tap into your innate wisdom:

    • Educate yourself about what is going on in your body during birth and you will be in a position of power during the stages of labor or if confronted with an issue. Your body and your baby are rich with deep DNA wisdom that is triggered and will unfold throughout the pregnancy and birth journey. Our brains are the largest obstacles to this natural unfolding. The more you understand and are comfortable with the physical process of birth, the less you will be intimidated by professionals or get caught up in your head. Not knowing what is happening leaves room for fear and a loss of power.  
2. Have an empowered birth to experience the innate intelligence of creation:
    • Regardless your faith the birth journey can elevate your connection to Source. Tuning into your own higher power often during pregnancy, connecting spiritually with your baby (while it's in your womb) and meditating (with and without your partner) about your birth will all aid in a calm, connected birth experience. You'll find yourself going to this safe meditative place often in labor so being comfortable with it and knowing how to draw guidance from it will give you a power that no one can take away.
    3. Have an empowered birth to enjoy your immense strength:  
      • The high that a mountain climber gets at the top of an impressive peak pales in comparison to the joy and elation of birthing a baby. Your strength will astound you and you'll never underestimate yourself again. 


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