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May TALISMAMA Crystal Creator Box

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TALISMAMA Crystal Creator Subscription Box - May 

What an ENORMOUS energy from April 30's Pink Moon to the High-Holiday of Beltane on May 1!!! As we're still reeling from the intensity of April's Full Moon in Scorpio we now step into the celebratory time of mid-spring. Mid-Spring or Beltane (which is exactly opposite from Samhain and both very important holidays for most pagans) can be viewed as the union of the Goddess and the God or male and female energies (don't think gender or gender identity - think more archetypal, something everyone has both of). Male and female in this case can also symbolize spirit and matter, heaven and earth, and death and birth. Any time these two forces come together we really see the magick that is life. Our world and cosmos is created by these opposite forces and this balance is the IT to all that IS. 

So to honor this exciting time of the year-wheel the crystal grid is a little bit different than usual. This time I featured the Earth with the pagan pentagram. I did this because this is the time of year to take your shoes off, your clothes off, put your ego down, get dirty, start the party and fucking get your play on! 

It has been a hectic, heady, SUPER-intense year so far. Consciousness is growing from the eruption of transparent breakdowns going on in every aspect of our social lives. And now I am inviting you to RECEIVE the energy of the Earth and Universe - soak it in and rejoice all of your accomplishments of the year thus far. Take a moment to celebrate YOU. All that your being-ness brings to the table. Who depends on you? Who do you support? What are you creating? Who are you teaching? Who's student are you? Who loves being your lover? Who are you to your family, to friends? What gap would exist on Earth if you were to disappear? 

We can get so caught up in life that we forget to rejoice the fact that we are alive. I am so grateful for YOU and I am inviting you to make May a month of spending time in gratitude for YOU also. 

So let this box inspire you to provide your needed self-care, to touch and connect with nature, to have multiple orgasms and to have FUN!

Why? Because you're playing for BIG things! You're playing for your life. 

What's in the Box? And what do I do with it?
  • Prime My Body Hemp Oil: Use like butter - that is, often and with everything ;)
  • Ylang Ylang essential Oil Blend: Use to drop some surface stress and get playful
  • Sage: Burn during a ritual or celebration around Self Gratitude
  • Candle: Burn in ritual as you celebrate the unification of God and Goddess (place in the middle of your Crystal Grid)
  • Bag of Beach Sand + Shells: Add to your altar in a small vessel and/or sprinkle on your Crystal Grid. This is to remind you of summer fun that is around the corner, to ground you and to speak to your youthful spirit who will always love the beach!
  • Peacock Tail Feather (naturally dropped in Puru + blessed by a Shaman): Put this in your hair, wear on your clothes, stick in your hat - may this remind you to strut your shit like a Peacock this month - Celebrate YOU!
  • NOA KNAFO Visionary Card (Chosen for YOU by Sha Baby, Aerowynn Juniper): Meditate on what the card brings to mind first and then look up the cards meaning at -


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