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June TALISMAMA Crystal Creator Box

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TALISMAMA Crystal Creator Subscription Box - May

This subscription box can be purchased HERE.

Here comes the SUN!

The longest day of the year is upon us - on June 21st. So this box is comprised with elements to inspire your celebration of this High Holiday! What does the longest day of the year represent to you? How does life change in the summer? Does your relationship to mundane activities change? Do you take a holiday? Do you travel? See more friends? Do you have more fun? More sex? Do you participate in more self-care? Spend more time in nature? Do you loose or let go of anything that you carried through the winter months? These are great questions to answer for yourself to come into mindfulness about the Summer Solstice and how it effects your life. 

Since January you've been focussing on your goals in a wide variety of areas in your life. 
Where are things now? Take a moment to write down the accomplishments of your last 6 months. Can you absorb and celebrate your achievements? Look back at your Law of Attraction planner and see how your growth unfolded day-by-day and month-by-month.

For a really in-depth plunge into the meaning and energy of the Summer Solstice I highly suggest reading this great article by Mystic Mamma:

Solstice ritual:

(Tools needed: Pen, Fig Leaf, Hemp Oil, Rose and Sunstone Rejoice Blessed Candle, Oak Barrel Incense, cauldron or ceramic bowl, Crystal Grid with Sunstones and Rose Quartz, LOA Planner, Glitter)
  1. Take a moment (preferably outside) to light your REJOICE candle and burn your Oak Barrel Cider incense. 
  2. Take 2 squirts of Hemp Oil and close your eyes and spend time sitting with the feelings that arise when you think about the last 6 months. 
  3. Think about your loved ones. How do you provide support and love for them? 
  4. Think about your career. How do you bring your life's mission into the work that you do each day? 
  5. Think about your body. How do you relish and honor the beautiful, amazing vessel your soul inhabits? 
  6. Think about the planet. How do you connect with nature? How do you shine love out into the world? 
  7. Think about the cosmos. How do you make sense of the unknown? 
  8. Think about the dead. How do you stay in contact with those who have passed on? 
  9. Think about the living. Consider the miracle that it is to be alive. 
  10. Now open your eyes and write down your achievements since January onto your Fig Leaf. 
  11. Read each achievement aloud to yourself and after ever achievement thank yourself and thank the universe.
  12. Bring the Fig Leaf to your heart and thank your highest self. Be grateful for your amazing life.
  13. Leave your Fig Leaf out in the sun to communicate your achievements to the cosmos. *Once it's dry burn in a fire.
  14. At your altar (bring your candle, if you need to move spaces) place your Crystal Grid down where it calls to be placed and begin to design your crystals in a way that sings to you the most and feels the most alive with energy. 
  15. Look at your Grid with your hands at prayer position and take in the energy of your Crystal Grid. What is it saying to you today? 
  16. Write whatever insights come to mind on the Idea/Gratitude space in your LOA Planner for the month of July.
  17. Sprinkle some glitter on top of your grid as a way of sending that magick forth into your month and into your next 6 months.
  18. Take a deep breath and fill your heart with the energy you have created and then blow out your candle.
  19. Visit your Crystal Grid often and repeat 15-18.
Blessed Be!
What's in the Box? And what do I do with it?

  • Prime My Body Hemp Oil: Use like butter - that is, often and with everything ;)! It goes in your mouth and you hold it there for 60 seconds so that it can be absorbed into your bloodstream. You can also use on your skin for aches and pains - just rub a few drops into the area and enjoy the relief that comes a few mins later.
  • Sweet Lovin, Gem & Flower Elixir, Bright Spark - I Thrive: Deep internal magick medicine that communicates to your subtle body. Let Bright Spark awaken your inner sunlight and personal power to a new level! Read this article for great info on this delicate yet powerful plant medicine:
  • Oak Barrel Cider Incense: Oak is honored at the Solstice and Burn throughout June to bring forth the festive energies of the Solstice.  *Save one to throw into a Solstice bon-fire to make for a fragrant festivity.
  • Rose Petals & Sunstone "Rejoice" Blessed Candle: Blessed by me and charmed with the essence of Rejoicing! Burn in ritual *see above Solstice ritual.
  • Sunstones: Possessing energy as bright and cheery as its vibrant aesthetic, the Sunstone crystal meaning is linked with the playful whimsy of childhood. While maintaining the daily stress of adulting in the modern world, Sunstone reminds us to keep a healthy balance between career demands and fun in the sun. As an all-around chakra cleanser, Sunstone is an essential addition to healing grids because it clears and activates all energy pathways, helping increase the power of the other stones. If you lack a sense of sweetness in your life, it's time to call on Sunstone crystal healing properties to evoke the notion of joie de vivre. Following the spirit of the time-honored proverb, Sunstone crystal healing properties gives you the guidance to turn your face towards the sun, letting the shadows fall behind you. Sunstone is a shining light of optimism, your celestial lighthouse that you can always count on to guide you to safety. 
  • Crystal Grid: This grid focuses on the sun rather than the moon this time to allow our minds to think about that which brings us life. The Oak trees grow in a mandala to symbolize growth in an earth-bound existence. 
  • Glitter: Sprinkle some faery dust on your Crystal Grid and on your hair on the Summer Solstice.
  • Rose Quartz: Though it’s thought of as the stone of love, it’s not just romantic love that rose quartz crystal embodies. The rose quartz stone meaning is one of unconditional love. The way it facilitates love entering your life is through it’s ability to bring your consciousness to a higher level. Helping you to forgive, understand and see fights or situations from a different perspective, rose quartz healing properties will imbue you with the wisdom to deepen your connection with your partner. In that same way, rose quartz properties provide gentle energy that assists you in recognizing your own need for compassion. It allows you to see that you deserve forgiveness and understanding from yourself. Associated with the element of water, rose quartz healing properties are naturally fluid. They wash out toxic energies and emotions that you have trapped inside of you. 
  • Fig Leaf: June's Tree. To be used in ritual or in your own version of Sycomancy. Sycomancy is a form of divination that uses a fig leaf to read omens for the future. The term is derived from the ancient Greek words for fig, sūkon and for prophecy, manteia. The most common method of sycomancy involved writing a question or proposition on a fig leaf. If afterwards the leaf dried slowly, then it was thought to signal a positive answer; however if the leaf dried quickly, the answer was thought to be negative. *I've modified this practice above to not-so-much request an answer but to cast an intention and share gratitude with the sun. .Also how can one help oneself but enjoy the Fig Leaf for the touch of tongue and cheek play at the Christians for their use of the leaf to cover up Eve and Adam's naughty bits. Perhaps this is a good look for you too? Give it a try - I dare you ;)
  • Rose Petals: June's Flower. In tarot, the rose is considered a symbol of balance. The beauty of this flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings.


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