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The lineage of supporting women is deep within my DNA. As I child I grew up alongside natural childbirth as my "earth mama" mother (Chantal Molnar - producer of The Milky Way) caught babies for a living. I became a certified doula as a teenager and by my 20's I was assisting my friends' labors and photographing their babies being born. During the birth of my own daughter, I was blown away by the power of my body and the shamanic initiation of the birthing process. I recall feeling profoundly upset that women around the world commonly do not have the support that I did during this vulnerable and powerful time of their lives. This brought to mind that the earth is very similar to a woman in the way that it can be both vulnerable and exceptionally powerful at the same time. Our culture, and many other patriarchal cultures around the world, sadly do not tend to recognize power unless it is the power-over model. I had a very clear calling while in the throws of my waves to work towards upgrading the consciousness and conversation around the mother journey. The sacred feminine called on me to step onto my life's path in a more present way and fully embrace my lineage and the distinct world-view I come from.

Welcome to Sacred Whisper Orange County! A home for all of you Earth Mamas living behind the Orange Curtain! Here you will find intuitive offerings, a sacred sister-community and a deep well of rich, juicy resources from professionals working for decades in Orange County towards positive social change, spiritual development and bonded families.

Our mantra is to access flow from the turning tide toward the Sacred Feminine and support each other through these miraculous times of great shift. Our belief is that the movement to steer humanity away from environmental devastation, world war and plutocracy will be influenced drastically by women and specifically mothers. Mothers are the one demographic that can truly find common ground regardless of any other large cultural difference. The love of our children is a universal experience which bonds mothers around the globe. As we support our sisters in childbirth, nursing, conscious parenting, sacred business, healthy living, intimate relationships, positive sexuality, manifestation, trusting our intuition and connecting with source we all vibrate higher, are inspired more and have more impact on the world around us.

Please join this conversation and share how you've been tuning-in to this deep calling to preserve our beautiful (Heaven-on) Earth and the diverse creatures that dwell upon it!


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