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Replica Cow and Buffalo Skull BLANKS


Hand made polyester cast resin detailed replica BLANK skulls in Cow or Buffalo.

Use to decorate your house or office or as a blank canvas to artistically embellish for resale or for personal enjoyment.

Please allow for 2-4 weeks for these to be made to order


Each replica Cow or Buffalo blank comes with:

2 horns, 1 skull, 1 jaw. All are assembled and arrive complete (aside from the cow horns which can be easily attached upon delivery). *An instruction video will be emailed after purchase to show how the horns can be attached. This is a very simple and easy process that requires no tools. 

Cow horns are black and Buffalo horns are the same color as the resin cast. 

If you are looking for something specific please reach out at and we can connect you with the artist Frank and see if we can accommodate your request.


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