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Sha Mama Rising Birth-Journey Childbirth Education

This several module course is extremely informative and it's holistic approach supports the mother's empowerment in a profound way - connecting her and her partner deeply to their baby through this amazing initiation that challenges the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental planes.

Learn this and so much more:

  • Legacy of Fear and how to move beyond 
  • What are the stages of labor
  • Understanding pain and ways to manage it
  • How to be empowered by YOUR birth
  • How to Trust your Body, your Baby and YOURSELF
  • What's an emergency
  • How to handle the unplanned
  • Medical tools and practices
  • How to create an awesome birth team
  • What is support
  • Sacred space
  • Skin to skin with your baby
  • How your amazing body and your baby's body are symbiotic
  • Self care.

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