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Talisman of Jasper and Copper "ANANKU" Stamped Goddess Tag Necklace






Nazis are an extreme expression of patriarchy. They're easy to condemn because they're so obvious but more subtle expressions of patriarchy are around us all of the time and are also very damaging. Patriarchy is insidious within our culture. Our society leans towards white, male privilege so comfortably - it's built into the fabric of our lives. Patriarchy is the model of most of the world's large religions. The patriarchy spent years slaughtering blacks, pagans, indigenous people, women and intellectuals so as to gain the foothold it has today.

Something that is a deep root of patriarchy is rejection of our nature and rejection of Mother Nature. It's a model that worships war gods, sun gods and the power-over model. It's a model of scarcity, fear, insecurity and bullying. Even the privileged few who are supported by patriarchy are suffocated by it. It robs everyone's sense of personal power, pleasure, innate intelligence and access to divinity. Patriarchy only really supports the very privileged 1% but even they aren't fully supported, they've been robbed of their souls.

The distinction that needs to be made in our conversations about racism, sexism and all related equality/equity conversations is that the core problem is the regime of patriarchy. There will always be nazis, rape and war if there is an out of balance social architecture at all levels of our daily lives.


Fine, handcrafted, energetic Jasper stone Goddess Tag pendant with hand-stamped Copper tag pendant on an adjustable copper ball chain necklace with traditional bead chain connector clasps (24 inches)Tag measures 2 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide.

Energetic Qualities of the Stone and Necklace Intention: 

+ Intention/Goddess: ANANKU
+ Chakra: Root

Embody the rich life-giving power of your blood. The courageousness of being a woman - gatekeepers at the boundary between the two worlds. You’re the vibrancy of your sexuality and your creative source; womb. Ananku is Shakti. Ananku energy is potent when you're on your moon. Red Jasper vibrates with endurance, strength, fertility and the courage to overcome violence. A talisman of eco warriors of the Divine Feminine who promote justice, protection, and life.  For priestesses, Wiccans, healers, shamans, lightworkers and Sha Mamas of all varieties! 

**Copper is a grounding metal that is a great energy conductor. Worn with a crystal or stone it will amplify the stone's vibration. Copper is healing and especially balancing to the female reproductive system. Its natural oxidization only adds to its healing vibration. 

*** Allow for 1 week to ship for polishing and moon bath ***

Note: Our descriptions of stone uses are not meant to treat any illnesses. Please see a doctor if you have a health issue you are looking to heal.

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