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Sha Mama's Little Helper STARTER Box


Essential Mini Kit for Sha Mama's - Beauty, Divination, Mama Support!



1. Pamela Colman Smith, The Original Design Tarot Deck:
Now at the Dawn of Spring we are ready to come out of our hibernation and debut our unique gifts publicly. This is a great time to make manifest the ideas that have been cultivated over the winter months. Part of our freedom of expression is our commitment to the craft. The ability to use our innate intuition is a HUGE part of a Witch’s practice. The Tarot helps us explore this ability in a fun and ever-interesting way. Use this Tarot deck to guide your actions and decisions and grow a deeper understanding of your own inner guidance. Designed by a female artist and entrepreneur from the turn of the 20th century nicknamed “Pixie.” Pixie was introduced to the Order of the Golden Dawn and shortly thereafter was commissioned to illustrate a tarot deck. Her deck has endured as the world’s most popular 78-card tarot deck. The innovative cards depict full scenes with figures and symbols on all of the cards and Smith’s distinctive drawings have become the basis for the design of many subsequent packs. Be sure to sage this deck multiple times before use! Check out for a great app that will help you better understand the meaning of your cards or any deck! Woman Designed

2. Jaiden Madison, SCANDALOUS | Natural Lip Crème:
What is Spring without a bit of scandal? There’s a reason it is the season symbolized by fertility! The warmth after a long hibernation has us all ready to put ourselves out there in new fun, sexy ways. Enjoy your natural flirtatiousness. Be bold and feel beautiful in this sheer merlot all-natural conditioning lip crème treatment.

Castor Oil
Cocoa Butter
Matcha Green Tea Butter
(Sweet Almond Oil, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Powder)
Candelilla Wax
Vitamin E
Iron Oxide
Mama/Woman Owned

3. Shri Alchemy, Whoa Mama:
This magickal flower essence is created to help with the overwhelming challenges of motherhood with a newborn/child/teen. For confidence & grounded sense of self (to support mamas nervous system).

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