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Sha Mama's Little Helper LUSH Mama Springtime Mini Box


This is a fabulously super-lush Spring themed box filled with magickal self care items to nourish you inside and out!

Here's what's in the box:

1. Elixir, Elixir Crème:
This is an incredibly lush moisturizer. A perfect polish for skin coming out of clothing for the first time since the Harvest. Made with all natural ingredients such as Organic Coconut oil, Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter along with healing essential oils like Calendula, Frankincense and Sweet Orange. Elixir Crème will help treat, heal and moisturize. After a good body brushing and hot bath rub your body down with this sensual cream and enjoy the vibrance of your beautiful skin!

- Organic Coconut Oil - we all know about this magic oil... all around healer!
- Organic Sunflower Oil - repairs skin - regenerates skin and cell membranes
- Vitamin E Oil - natural, mild preservative - increases circulation
- Cocoa Butter - deeply moisturizing- natural preservative
- Aloe Vera Gel - cooling - calming
- Organic Calendula Infused Oil - soothes itching - boosts healing - calms inflammation
- Beeswax - barrier to outside toxins - locks in oils, while eliminating a greasy feeling - restores skin's natural vitality
- Lavender Essential Oil - disinfecting properties - stimulates blood circulation
- Tea Tree Essential Oil - treats the bacteria on affected area
- Frankincense Essential Oil - reduces inflammation
- Sweet Orange Essential Oil - natural skin tonic - tones and repairs skin
- Rosemary Essential Oil - powerful astringent
- Radish Root Ferment - natural preservative
Woman Owned

2. Gemstone Yoni, Amethyst Crystal Yoni Egg:
Ostara is the time to celebrate fertility and the egg is a lovely symbol of both the Earth’s fertility and the fertility of all it’s creatures. How could I resist empowering you all with your very own Yoni egg at this time?! …I couldn’t! The Yoni Egg is an essential Sha Mama self care tool that supports your reproductive system and your pleasure – which couldn’t be more fitting for the dawning of Spring. After birth our pelvic floor can feel very different. It makes sense as it’s gone through a A LOT! It’s helped to push your baby out of your body and It will take a bit of time, and a bit of effort to feel strong again here. These gorgeous Amethyst Yoni crystals help to make the process of strengthening your pelvic floor and your Yoni muscles both fun and sensual. These crystal vaginal stones are specifically designed to supercharge your kegel exercises and have you unleashing your divine feminine power in no time. Amethyst is filled with a strong, sensually awakening energy while the ergonomically shaped egg supports you in tightening the vaginal muscles to increase lubrication and stimulate better orgasms that will skyrocket your pleasure. The vibrations of amethyst will bring spirituality and contentment, royally representing the principles of complete metamorphosis (which is exactly what you’ve been through to become a mother). Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra where divine essence enters into your being with the energies of serenity and composure. You will feel like the queen that you are with the Amethyst Yoni Egg! Mama/Woman Owned

3. Sweet Lovin Essences, RIPE Elixir:
Jess Booth, of Sweet Lovin' Essence, creates deeply magickal flower and gemstone essences that work at the subtle body level to release old patterns that are not working for you and develop new patterns that do!. Ripe Elixir brings the Fires of Spring to your projects, dreams and passions. It ignites the sparks of hope and possibility. Imbolc is the first fire celebration of the year, igniting that quickening life deep in our belly, our bubbling cauldron of creativity. What seeds re you germinating in these last days of winter? What new growth, tender buds are your nurturing through the spring thaw? How will the alchemy of the changing season infuse your actions, your dreams?

You can incorporate this essence into a simple ritual. Take the seed of a flower (non poisonous like a sunflower or favorite kitchen herb), whisper to her your dreams, intentions and creative visions. Awaken her by holding her in your mouth for a moment, introducing her to your dna, your breath, your magic.

Then plant her and water her with a drop of your Ripe essence. As you care for her in the coming season, ask her growth to reflect the growth of your dreams.

Made with full moon charged spring water infusion of pumpkin, watermelon, pomegranate, grapefruit blossom, magenta rose, clear quartz, green calcite, unakite, bloodstone, jade and selenite in organic vegetable glycerin
Mama/Woman Owned

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