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Moonth Course on Menstruation, Magick & Mother Nature


Spend a month in a Menstrual mindset to expand your knowledge of self, of nature and to grow your inner wisdom.   

 Take a journey into Herstory and discover a fresh narrative on "creation" and the development of human consciousness that orients from menstrual blood. ***(Through the book: Blood, Bread and Roses by Judy Grahn)***  
Find the beat to YOUR cyclical rhythm.  
Explore your relationship with the earth, the moon and with other menstruants.
Enjoy virtual experiences and physical activities.


In this month-long experience you will:

  • Study Chapters 1-4 of Blood, Bread and Roses
  • Track your cycle with the moon
  • Discover cyclical entrainment with the moon and other menstruants
  • Explore ritual; as a concept and as a practice
  • Build nature-based rituals that feed your soul and help you process your life


***This course is made for female-bodied folk of any gender-identity who currently bleed and are not on birth control. 


Register now for a July ship-date of your physical items OR July access of digital media.

*Please provide your phone number address and email upon purchase. I will reach out via email after purchase to give you access to the Discord server and the Thinkific portal. 



Two options available: 

  1. Full Service- Bespoke physical box sent to you with all the goodies needed for the class. Plus extra love and personalizations. Great for those who love receiving magickal treats in the mail! This option will also include access to the Discord server and Thinkific portal.
  2. Digital Service -Digitally download all important course-work etc. and you purchase your own supplies. Great for those who already have lots of the supplies and want to do their own shopping for needed items. This option will also include access to the Discord server and Thinkific portal.



Here are the needed supplies to participate with the class. I add Amazon links for convenience but I am not endorsing Amazon. Please note that you may already own some of these items. Please review and make sure you have everything on the required list before you begin.

Required List: 

  1. Discord account. (Upon registration you will be invited to the discord server).
  2. Blood, Bread and Roses book by Judy Grahn:
  3. Ability to print and medium to heavy weight printer paper.
  4. Paper Pin Fasteners: 
  5. Journal of your choice.
  6. 1-3 candles.
  7. Incense.
  8. Herbal tea (I can discuss with you via Discord what herb blend or herb might be a good fit for you personally -if desired)

Suggested List:

  1. Menstruation Tea Blend:
  2. Red and White Ritual Candles:
  3. Erasable Gel Pens:
  4. Teen Moon Cycles Journal:
  5. Adult Moon Cycles Journal:
  6. Natural Incense:
  7. Sabbat sticker pack:
  8. Spell symbols sticker set:   
  9. Crystals of your choice:                                          

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