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Fire Quartz Breast & Yoni Massager


Encourage healthy, vibrant breasts through self-massage with our crystal breast massagers. Allow the energetic vibrations of each crystal to align and balance your heart chakra within each breast amplifying feminine power, pleasure and love. Nurture yourself so you have the power to nourish others with your intimate life force.

  • Perfect grip for self massage
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Releases toxin
  • Encourages healthy tissue

  • Size: 7.5cm

    Each fire quartz will have a unique appearance of translucent clear quartz with reddish orange rust veins.

    Corresponds to the Root Chakra

    Fire quartz is used to calm anxieties, brings out clarity and balances the mind, body and spirit.

    ................... How to use:

    Breast massage crystals are used to promote vibrant healthy breasts; use the crystal massage stone to perform lymphatic style massage allowing the toxins to flow out of the body. Massage and stimulate the breasts to promote energetic growth.

    Clit is queen, your center of pleasure. This clitoral yoni wand is small yet powerful when it comes pin pointing your root of orgasmic sensations. The clitoris was designed with only one job and one purpose, Pleasure! Treat yourself or grab your lover for a session of energetic foreplay. 

    Leap into newfound levels of joy while you awaken your body and your divinity through massage and orgasm as the tender vibrations of Fire Quartz flows through you from head to toe.


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