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Deluxe Crystal Goddess Box


In the Deluxe Crystal Goddess Box you will receive:

    • 1 Custom Goddess Tag ****Value of OVER $700!!!**** (Choose from over 10 available in-house stones, metals and create your own intention for the stamped tag. This will ship the 12th month of your subscription. See below for more information.)
    • 1 Law of Attraction Year Planner / Calendar (This will be shipped separately and will be shipped the first month that you sign up)
    • 1 Master Manifestation Crystal (plus 10 small crystal quartz crystal points)
    • Monthly Crystal Grid (The grids will change monthly and are designed by me to hold optimal power for each month)
    • Monthly Surprise Sage Bundle, Palo Santo or Resin
    • Monthly Surprise Energetic Stone or Crystal
    • Monthly Prime My Body Hemp Oil (10ml)
    • Monthly Surprise Seasonal Essential Oil Blend (roller)
    • Monthly Surprise Sweet Lovin Essences Gem and Flower Elixirs (1oz) 
    • Monthly Surprise Earth Cycle Celebration Treat/s

** Goddess Tag Details: Choose from available stone/crystal options and choose your own intention. Comes in Copper, Silver or Steel. Look for more stone inspiration or more necklace information in the Goddess Tag section of the store ( All custom details will be sorted out via email during the 12th month of your subscription.

***Order before the 20th of the month to receive that month's box. Orders made after the 20th will be the following month's box of goodies.

Goddess Tag will ship on month 12. If you cancel before the 12 months you will NOT receive a custom Goddess Tag.

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