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Stromatolite (Petrified Algae) and Copper "Source" Stamped Goddess Tag Necklace



Stone and metal Goddess Tag SOURCE comes with copper bead chain and traditional bead chain connector clasp

Fine, handcrafted, energetic Stromatolite stone Goddess Tag pendant with hand-stamped Copper tag pendant on an adjustable copper ball chain necklace with traditional bead chain connector clasps (wear at length 18 inches or 22 inches). Intention: Source.

Energetic Qualities of the Stone and Necklace Intention:

Connect to your roots with a petrified prehistoric algae. Metaphysically used to re-establish flow of the body fluids and energy that has become blocked. An Amulet of the Earth's first ooze will ground you in the moment and allow you to accept and be steady in your connection to source. For priestesses, Wiccans, healers, shamans, lightworkers and Sha Mamas of all varieties! 

Copper is a grounding metal that is a great energy conductor. Worn with a crystal or stone it will amplify the stone's vibration. Copper is healing and especially balancing to the female reproductive system. It's natural oxidization only adds to it's healing vibration. 

Note: Our descriptions of stone uses are not meant to treat any illnesses. Please see a doctor if you have a health issue you are looking to heal.

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