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Custom MoonBlood™ Keepsake Goddess Ring - in Crystal and with choice of 5 stones



 This is a VERY potent form of Magick. Your P O W E R F U L, Life-giving Yoni blood from your moon makes an alchemic transformation into a crystal cabachon that is arranged under the healing stone of your choice. *See options below...

I make each personally. In sacred, ritual-space, with intention. I listen to the blood and cast your moon spell. 


Size 6, 7 and 8


1 energetic stone accompanies your powerful pussy-blood gem.

Our keepsake "gems" are quite unique in that we fill a real quartz crystal cabochon with your blood!  This makes the jewelry more durable so that it won't scratch. Plus it adds the extra energy of the quartz crystal to your vibrational field!

Made with Sterling Silver and your choice of energetic stone:

Carnelian: This 2nd Chakra stone promotes personal power, family connection and one's ability to manifest their highest purpose into reality. Carnelian celebrates the joy of living! 

Turquoise: A stone for Queens, Sha Mamas and earth warriors Turquoise has a cleansing, protective energy that promotes wisdom, emotional balance and calms nerves.

Garnet: Great stone for mamas working through postpartum depression as the energy of Garnet promotes mental health, emotional well being and freedom from insecurity.

Lapis: The deep blue Lapis inspires honesty, integrity and friendship and can also help to sooth menstrual pain.

Moonstone: Named after the moon this stone conjures a vibration of sacred, new or first love. Great for new moms! It also allows all women to tap into the sacred feminine and their intuitive abilities and Kundalini energy.


Once purchased we will send you a prepaid shipping package with all instructions on how to send your moon blood to us. ...Thus making the operation as easy and streamlined as possible for busy Sha Mamas! Please be sure to include your correct shipping address at point of payment. Your moon blood will be separated from others' and labeled throughout the entire process of making your keepsake MoonBloodTM gemstone.

For the best luck in capturing your moon blood - please purchase a Diva Cup through our shop:

This item is made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks (after blood has been sent) to receive your unique MoonBloodTM and healing stone ring.

Our descriptions of stone uses are not meant to treat any illnesses. Please see a doctor if you have an issue you are looking to heal.

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