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Keepsake (breastmilk, placenta, ashes) Crystal and Stone Pendant Necklace



Your unique breastmilk (placenta or a loved ones ashes) become a beloved keepsake Crystal Point pendant with a Turquoise and Marcasite stone top. 

What better way to see the Goddess but by acknowledging your own divinity, physical abundance and magick. She is YOU. YOU are the Goddess and your baby's first Guru! May you see yourself from the vantage point of your adoring baby as the Goddess you are - always. 

What better way to keep the memory alive of a dearly beloved than to celebrate their life and passing with a beautiful keepsake necklace. 

Chain:   Brass with electroplating and clear coating.
Free of lead, nickel, cadmium, and other irritating components.

Length 22 inches with silver handmade clasp. (Please email me with custom size chain if needed. 

Once purchased we will send you a prepaid shipping package with all instructions to send your breastmilk or ashes. Making the operation as easy and streamlined as possible for busy Sha Mamas. Please be sure to include your correct shipping address at point of payment. Your breastmilk or ashes will be separated from others' and labeled throughout the entire process of making your keepsake gemstone. 

Note: Because your breastmilk is unique to you, your jewelry's "crystal" color may vary from the picture shown. Your breastmilk jewelry will be the color of YOUR unique breastmilk. 

Our descriptions of stone uses are not meant to treat any illnesses. Please see a doctor if you have an issue you are looking to heal.

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